Studio MC “Ceramic Cold Diffusers”© Simple Care Tips


Thank you very much for being the proud owner of an original hand-crafted Studio MC Ceramic Cold Diffuser©.  Properly cared for, this real work of Art will serve you for possibly a whole lifetime, and more!

Every finished Artwork has been carefully inspected to ensure it is in perfect condition and properly packaged before it leaves our Studio. Nevertheless please carefully remove the Diffuser from its packaging and ensure it is not cracked or chipped, and if in the very unlikely event that upon the initial arrival of the Diffuser there are any flaws, or if you are not completely satisfied with it, please do not hesitate to contact us for instructions on how to return the Artwork and have it replaced.

This is NOT a toy! Do not use it for any purpose(s) other than its intended use.

DO NOT drop the Diffuser or subject it to hard knocks because it is made of fine ceramic stoneware and is quite fragile.

Although the fine underglazes (colors) have been fired at high biscuit-fire temperatures (usually 1050°C) which renders them color-fast, please DO NOT wash and/or scrub/scratch the Diffuser at any time as it may lead to chipping of the underglazes. Some slight staining of the Diffuser may possibly occur after you have dripped your perfume and/or scented oil (or combination of oils) on it. This is because of the coloring that might be inherent in your perfume and/or scented oil(s). It is NORMAL and will not interfere with the diffusing quality of the Diffuser.

This is a “Cold” Diffuser, an original term coined by Studio MC Principal Artist Robert Min Chen, intended for use with room temperature and unheated perfume or scented oil(s) only. Always drip your perfume or scented oil(s) slowly and carefully onto the surface of the Diffuser. Do not over apply your perfume or scented oil(s) and over saturate the Diffuser to avoid spillage. A few drops (say 2 or 3 drops) usually suffice to keep the Diffuser “scented” for a few days or possibly up to a week or so, depending on the rate of evaporation and humidity of where the Diffuser is placed/hung.

We recommend that you use only good quality perfume and/or scented oil(s) for your Studio MC Ceramic Cold Diffuser©, and that you consistently use the same perfume or scented oil(s) for any one particular Diffuser. If you wish to use a different perfume or scented oil(s) on a previously used Diffuser, you may let the scent/fragrance you wish to replace completely and naturally fade away first. Alternatively, you may want to consider purchasing more Studio MC Ceramic Cold Diffusers© if you desire to use different perfume(s) or scented oil(s).

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Studio MC if you have queries or comments on this or any other Artworks produced by us. We encourage you to sign up for our free Newsletter to stay up to date with any new information on Artworks you have previously purchased as well as upcoming new Artworks. Visit today and check out all the fine Artworks and wonderful products created by us!


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