Studio MC “Salted Egg Lanterns”© Simple Care Tips


Thank you very much for being the proud owner of an original hand-crafted Studio MC Salted Egg Lantern©.  Properly cared for, this real work of Art will serve you for possibly a whole lifetime, and more!

Every finished Artwork is carefully inspected to ensure it is in perfect condition and properly packaged before it leaves our Studio. Nevertheless please carefully remove the Salted Egg Lantern© from its packaging and ensure it is not cracked or chipped, and if in the very unlikely event that upon the initial arrival of your new Salted Egg Lantern© there are any flaws, or if you are not completely satisfied with it, please do not hesitate to contact us for instructions on how to return the Artwork and have it replaced.

This is NOT a toy! Do not use it for any purpose(s) other than its intended use. 

DO NOT drop the Salted Egg Lantern© or subject it to hard knocks because it is made of fine ceramic stoneware and is quite fragile. 

The Salted Egg Lantern© has been fired to proper stoneware ceramic temperatures (up to 1150°) and should not discolor over time under normal use. In fact if desired, it may be washed with great care and only using very mild soap. Please dry thoroughly before use if you ever wash the Lantern.

Always ensure that the Salted Egg Lantern© is sitting properly on the provided unfinished wood-ring in a very stable upright position before inserting a good quality tea-light candle. Check to make sure the tea-light candle is placed squarely flat inside the Lantern and not tilted to one side. Before lighting up the tea-light candle, please note that the Lantern can get extremely hot after the tea-light candle inside it has been lit, even if for just a short while. This is because it is a very small almost completely enclosed space inside the Lantern. To avoid burns, DO NOT place your hand/fingers too near any of the Lantern’s holes or touch or move the Lantern especially while it is lit. Always let the Lantern cool down naturally and visually check that the tea-light candle’s wax has completely solidified before handling the Lantern. This is to avoid any accident or injury or spillage of any melted wax. In the event you do find some wax has been accidentally spilled inside the Lantern, do not worry because ordinary candle wax can very easily be wiped off the smooth inside glazed surface of the Lantern with a very soft cloth and a very little paint-thinner or lighter-fluid. 

We remind you again, for your complete safety and to fully enjoy your Salted Egg Lantern©,  to never leave the Lantern unattended with a lit tea-light candle inside it, especially if there are children in the room.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Studio MC if you have queries or comments on this or any other Artworks produced by us. We encourage you to sign up for our free Newsletter to stay up to date with any new information on Artworks you have previously purchased as well as upcoming new Artworks. Visit today and check out all the fine Artworks and wonderful products created by us!


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