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Come away from the blazing “heat” or freezing “cold”, or noise, or confusion, or stress outside and chill-out in here. You’ll find lots of entertaining stories, encouraging thoughts, and beautiful, inspiring Art to browse and buy.

I promise everything here will at the very least be positive and uplifting, if not comforting and enjoyable so… stay awhile, explore and come back often! Do kindly help us to tell all your friends about this place. Thanks!

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  1. Very happy to see a site with such comprehensive information and one's love for what he is doing. The passion Robert has for Ceramics can be clearly seen. Great job in making it all come alive! What's wrong with following someone with such great passion for his work and to be inspired by his Artworks? If you love Art, you should subscribe to Studio MC for updates!

  2. teresa pang

    Hi Min, that pair of hands you have simply add soul & life to what they lay themselves on. That delicate subtle expressions of the rabbits, how did you do that?.. Always love your stories of discovery, like those that children would spend one whole afternoon babbling about, after having sighted what we adults can no longer see, eg. some ants carrying sugar cubes round a wall corner would become the story of the day..
    wishing you great success as you embark on another phase of your life journey. it will only be greater and greater! keep imparting passion & love, keep teaching us to pause, to see, and to feel.. GBU :)

    • Hi Teresa! Thank you very much for your kind comments.
      All the years with the thousands upon thousands of children that I had the great privilege to teach and learn from, has kept that “child” in me very much alive.
      Daily I am reminded of the verse “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3 NASB), and I am ever grateful for that precious “gift” to always be able to see and be as a child.
      I truly believe we all have this “ability” but very often, perhaps because of “the cares of the world”, we keep that “child” in us locked away and have even forgotten where we’ve kept the key.
      I am really encouraged by your words. May you always have that child’s sense of wonder, excitement and adventure in all you do.
      Thank you and Bless you! :-)

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